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An Experienced Attorney Who Will Help You Fight Assault And Domestic Violence Charges

Disagreements happen. But sometimes disagreements can escalate. Misunderstandings may lead to harsh words, heated arguments and even violence. Petty arguments between strangers in a bar, disputes among friends at a social gathering or quarrels between spouses at home may turn into unwarranted, unnecessary and regretful violence.

Lifelong implications can result from accusations of assault or domestic violence. If you find yourself charged with a criminal offense, you need a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Frank Moya - Criminal Defense Attorney, in Denver, will work with you to get the charges dropped or even dismissed through a plea bargain agreement. Sometimes, you also need a litigator in your corner to defend you in court. An effective and knowledgeable Colorado attorney, Mr. Moya has 30 years’ experience helping those accused of criminal offenses.

Defending You Against Accusations Of Assault

Regretful outcomes often are the result of physical confrontations. It’s important to keep a calm demeanor in such situations, but sometimes matters may be out of your control. Being accused of assault can lead to felony or misdemeanor criminal charges.

Attorney Moya can work on resolving any matters related to assault charges and will do his utmost to defend you against charges. He will combat false accusations through examination of witnesses, and he will fight to prevent the introduction of misleading or irrelevant evidence at trial. As part of a successful defense strategy, the firm can help you locate the therapy, counseling and education you may require.

An Effective Criminal Defender Fighting Domestic Violence Charges

Sometimes, couples make mistakes. Disagreements may turn to threats and lead to potential violence. If you find yourself in a domestic violence situation that has led to criminal charges, attorney Moya will defend you to the best of his ability. As resolution is critical, he will take immediate action. He will thoroughly investigate your case, and retain investigators and experts who can testify on your behalf.

Charged With A Criminal Offense? Contact Frank Moya.

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