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We Help People Charged With Internet Crimes

An arrest can bring a whirlwind of emotions. The feelings can be startling, painful and lasting. The penalties can include fines, imprisonment and a conviction on your criminal record.

When facing cybercrime and internet crime charges, you will need an effective and aggressive attorney. You will get the representation you need and deserve from Frank Moya - Criminal Defense Attorney, in Denver, Colorado. With 30 years’ experience in criminal defense representation, attorney Moya can provide the assistance that you need. Mr. Moya also has extensive trial experience, and he knows what approach to take to help ensure the best possible outcome in internet crime cases.

Skilled Representation For Internet Crime Charges

Internet crimes may include:

  • Credit card theft and fraud
  • Identity theft and phishing
  • White collar crimes such as embezzlement
  • Possession and downloading of pornography
  • Computer hacking

Mr. Moya will provide you with knowledgeable and reliable legal representation in Colorado federal and state courts. He is a seasoned lawyer with criminal trial experience, and he will do his best toward defending you against such accusations. He also has access to investigators and forensic experts who can testify on your behalf.

Remember, it’s critical to contact an attorney before talking to the police.

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