A Seasoned Attorney Providing Effective Weapons Crimes Representation

Colorado is among several states that allow people to carry a concealed firearm as long as they possess a legal permit to do so. We know that we live in a state where people use firearms for hunting, shooting at a firing range and, in some cases, protection. But, sometimes, people may find themselves in legal predicaments related to firearms.

If this happens, you need to rely on a seasoned criminal defense attorney to overcome any criminal charges. Frank Moya, Attorney at Law, in Denver, can work with you and effectively steer you toward a satisfactory outcome.

Ready To Represent You On A Variety Of Weapons-Related Charges

Colorado gun owners wish to protect their legal right to possess a firearm. Yet, for example, if you face a felony conviction or domestic violence charge, you may lose your right to possess a gun. You may also face additional penalties, including fines, imprisonment and seizure of property.

Our law firm will represent you in such situations. Mr. Moya has 30 years’ experience in criminal law, including providing defense in challenging weapon violation cases. He has the skills to guide you through these sorts of cases with the goal of achieving the best outcome possible.

Our team provides representation in weapons charges cases that include:

  • Unlawful purchase or sale of a firearm
  • Unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon
  • Illegal discharge of a firearm
  • Weapons violations at airports
  • Possession by a convicted felon
  • Having an unlicensed firearm
  • Assault with a weapon
  • Reckless endangerment

You need a knowledgeable and effective attorney. Mr. Moya, who is accustomed to negotiating with prosecutors, can work toward helping you achieve the best possible result.

Contact A Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer

Our team will provide individual attention and give you straight answers about your case. If arrested and charged with a criminal offense, contact Frank Moya, Attorney at Law. Call us at 720-644-6489 and schedule your free consultation.